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Our Goal

Our goal is to help you to manage your TMD and Orofacial Pain concerns. We know and acknowledge each patient has individual needs and requirements. Our mission is to respond and deliver the highest quality care suited for each person, in a positive and professional environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them with one of our staff at any time.

Our staff are all uniquely qualified in their specific areas and have been part of our TMJ therapy team for many years. Please refer to the section on Our Staff for further information.


New Patient Experience

We'd like to get to know you and we'd like you to get to know each of our skilled staff members. Your first appointment is a consultation; a thorough assessment and examination will be conducted and the condition of your jaw and/or pain problems will be reviewed with you. We will work together in discussing any concerns, treatment planning and arranging for any future appointments. We believe everyone should be well informed and welcome all questions.



We strongly believe in follow up care and education in long-term management of jaw health. We suggest once treatment has been completed to evaluate patients yearly to re-assess jaw function as well as if required adjust appliance(s) to maintain the proper balance. Preventative techniques such as balanced appliances and re-assessment can assist in long-term management. We are also concerned with your overall health and welcome any question regarding diet or your general health.


Our Computer

We have an integrated computer system throughout our office that provides us with instant access to your records.

Standard insurance forms are available for patientís to submit to their insurance. We also offer income tax receipts upon request at the beginning of each year for our patients.



It is necessary to work by appointment and on a tight schedule. Although we allow time for emergencies, they may occasionally cause some delay in our schedule. We feel your time is also valuable and therefore we will do our best to be prompt.

To assist individuals with their first appointment we mail an information package. This mailing includes an information sheet regarding your appointment and a brochure with general information and a map to our office.

We will also do our best to contact you verbally about your appointment, however, if we are unable to reach you, it is still your responsibility to honor the time set aside for you. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please allow us at least 7 business days notice so that another patient may take advantage of the time. Failure to attend or to notify us within two business days may result in a missed appointment charge.


Personal Data

In order to ensure effective communication, please help us to keep your personal records up to date. We ask that you notify us with any changes in address, telephone number and medical status. Our office stays in compliance with the Privacy Policy and all information is confidential.



Most referrals are through professionals, however anyone can call for an appointment without being referred.


Payment/Insurance Policy

Fees are the responsibility of the patient. The insurance policy is a contract between the patient and the insurance company. We therefore ask you to settle your account with us and claim your reimbursement from your insurance company. Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not cover treatment related to jaw dysfunction.

At all times, we will do everything possible to assist you in completing your claim forms and in obtaining the maximum benefit available to you.

Meet Our Office Staff

Suzanne Administrative Assistant
Andrea Certified Dental Assistant Level Two
Joann Registered Dental Hygienist
Diana Office Manager

Our staff is a highly dedicated group whose individual training offers respect, support and care to individuals. We strive to make patient appointments a positive and comfortable experience. We are available to assist you with questions or concerns to the best of our capability. We appreciate feedback and questions.

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